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WWRofTexas is an established reputable South Texas hunting outfitter that offers a realistic opportunity to meet your desires & expectations whether it be a wide brush country Whitetail, Wing Shooting for fast flying Dove or flushing Bobwhite Quail, non-native exotic game hunting for Axis Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, or Nilgai Antelope.  WWRofTexas has been offering all-inclusive guided packaged hunts on our private ranch since 1998 as well offering our 5,500 sq. ft. lodging facility as a venue for family retreats and corporate events. Our ranch is located in the famous “Golden Triangle” of the South Texas brush country near Pearsall Texas only one hour due south of San Antonio off I-35S. This particular area of South Texas is unique because it has the natural habitat to (1) produce many record book scoring Whitetail entries in North America (2) concentrate dense populations of both Mourning Dove & Whitewing Dove and (3) offers one of the few remaining areas in the US with sustaining wild Quail populations.  WWRofTexas produces numerous 160”+ scoring trophies every year that are well documented in area contests that are all published on our website photo gallery and half of our program and resources are dedicted to producing above average Wing Shooting opportunities. We are a true example of a diversified agricultural business and believe we do it better than most. We invite you to join us for a quaility experience.

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